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Descript Promo Codes and Discounts, Save Up to 50% OFF

Explore the best Descript Promo code and Discount offers! Get up to 50% off With our exclusive guide and Promo and Discount codes.

In this article, We’ve shared all available Promo codes and Discount Offers to maximize your savings on Descript.

Here’s the Overview of the Descript Discount Offers:

Total OffersVaries
No. of Plans4 Plans
Free TrialYes, Available
Free PlanYes, Available
Discount50% off

All available Coupon codes and Discounts:

Descript Promo code and Discount offers

20% Off on the Descript Plans Best Offer

Unlock a 20% discount on premium features of the Descript Plans by billing annually.
Limited-Time Offer.

Descript Free Plan

Get started on your creative journey with text-based editing and AI tools with Descript.
No Credit Card Required.

Descript Creator Plan

10 hrs of free transcription per month | Unlimited projects and screen recordings.
Save $36 on the Descript Creator Plan.
$12/mo$15/mo Get Offer
Best For Individual Use.

Descript Pro Plan Most Popular

30 hrs of free transcription per month | Unlimited use of Underlord: AI assistant; including Eye Contact, Translate.
Avail $72 on the Descript Pro Plan with more advanced features.
$24/mo$30/mo Get Offer

Descript Business Plan

40 hours of free transcription per month | Unlimited access to a full Professional AI suite including Translate Captions with correction.
Enjoy 20% off on the Descript Business Plan.
$40/mo$50/mo Get Offer

50% Off on Descript Plan Best Values

Unlock Up to 50% off on the Descript Plan using Promo Codes.
Limited- Time Offer

Step-By-Step Guide:

How to Apply Descript Promo Code?

Here are the steps to get a discount on Deascript using Coupon and Promo Codes:

Step 1: Go to the Descript Pricing Page

Visit the Descript official website and click on the ‘Pricing’ tab which is located in the menu bar of Descript’s homepage.

Step 2: Choose a Plan

Descript has a free plan and 3 subscription plans with one being the custom plan.

  • Creator plan
  • Pro plan
  • Enterprise plan (Custom)

Choose a plan according to your needs.

Descript Pricing Plans

Step 3: Select a Subscription Period

Choose the subscription period that works best for you.

  • Monthly
  • Annual
Users can save up to 20% on Annual Billing.

Select and click on ‘Get Started’ to proceed with the chosen plan.

Step 4: Sign in or Sign Up

To proceed further, you need to log in to your Descript account if you are not logged in.

If you have an account, simply sign in with your email and password.

If you don’t have an account, sign up by entering:

  • Email Address
  • Create a strong password
  • Full Name
Descript Sign Up

Step 5: Upgrade your Account

Once your Descript account is successfully activated, look for the Upgrade option on the dashboard to upgrade your account to a paid one with discounts.

Step 5: Enter Billing and Payment Info

Provide billing and payment details to continue your purchase.


  • Country
  • Postal Code
  • Card No.
  • CVC
  • Expiration Date

In this same section, you will also find an option to enter a promo code.

Descript Billing

Step 6: Apply Promo or Discount Code

Enter the available promo code in the designated field and click on the ‘Apply’ button to see the change in order summary.

In this post, we have listed all up-to-date promo and discount codes. Find the best coupon code to get your Descript Plan at the best price.

Step 7: Complete the Purchase

Carefully review the billing summary to ensure all details are correct and that the promo code has been applied.

If everything looks good, confirm the purchase to start using Descript according to the plan you’ve chosen.

Yeah! You have successfully Availed of the extra discount on Descript using the Promo Code.


What is Descript?

Descript is a versatile software platform designed for audio and video editing. It is particularly popular for its unique approach to editing, which involves transcribing audio and video files into text.

Descript was founded by Andrew Mason in 2017 with the aim of simplifying and revolutionizing the process of audio and video editing.

Descript provides automatic transcription of audio and video files. Users can edit their content by simply editing the text, making it easy to remove filler words, correct mistakes, and rearrange segments.

The platform allows users to publish their edited audio and video content directly to various platforms, or export it in multiple formats.


Descript Promo and Discount Offers Summary

The Overview of Plan-wise Descript Discounts:

Plans and SavingCreator PlanPro Plan
Discount20% Off20% Off

Here is the Descript Promo and Discount Offers Summary:

  • Descript has 3 premium plans.
  • The Pro plan is the most popular plan on Descript.
  • Descript has a free plan and a free trial for its new users.
  • Descript has special plans and pricing for students and Non-Profit Organisations.
  • You can save up to 20% by opting for annual billing on Descript.
  • Users can also get up to 50% discount on Descript Plans during special occasions and events.

Ask Your Doubt!


Are there any restrictions on Descript promo codes?

Yes, Promo codes can only be used once.
Promo codes can only be applied to new accounts when upgrading from a free to a paid plan.
You can only use one code per purchase.
Some codes have an expiration date; you’ll want to use them before they expire.

How can I apply a promo or discount code on Descript?

To apply a promo or discount code on Descript, follow these steps:

When purchasing or upgrading a subscription, locate the checkout window.
At the bottom of this window, find the “Promo code” line and click the “+” button next to it.
Enter your promo code in the provided field.
Click “Apply” to apply the promo code to your purchase.
Complete your purchase by selecting “Update” in the bottom right corner.

Does Descript offers special discounts to Non-Profit Organizations?

Yes, Descript offers special discounts to non-profit organizations, typically providing a 50% discount on their subscription plans.

Are there different Non-profits and education pricing on Descript?

Yes, Descript offers a Non-profit Organization / Education plan for $5 per user per month ($60 annually). This plan includes the same plan-level features as our Creator plan with a 4-hour monthly transcription rate limit.