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Swipe Pages Coupons and Promo Code: Get 70% Discount

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Get Maximum Discount up to 25% on Swipe Pages or Start 14 Days Free Trial.

Swipe Pages Promo Codes & Discount

Use the Latest Swipe Pages Coupon Codes of 2024 and get a 70% Discount and Save up to $600. Avail Swipe Pages Lifetime Deal to get lifelong benefits of this Page Builder Tool.

In this article –

We’ve shared Active Swipe Pages Deals. So you can save money while buying a Swipe Pages plan using Swipe Pages discount offers.
No. of Coupons5 Offers
Maximum Discount70% Discount
Swipe Pages Offer Price$83/month
Total SavingSave up to $40
Free TrialYes Trial Available

All Active Coupons of Swipe Pages.

Swipe Pages Coupons

Swipe Pages Trial Coupon- 14 Days

Start 14 Days Free Trial of Swipe Pages without any Credit Card.

25% OFF- Swipe Pages Coupon

Get a Maximum 25% Discount on the Swipe Pages Basic Plan with an Annual Payment option.

Swipe Pages Startup Plan Coupon

Get up to 25% Discount on the Startup Plan and Save $120 in a year.

Swipe Pages Marketer Plan Coupon

Get up to 25% Discount on the Master Plan and Save $240 in a year.

Swipe Pages Agency Plan Coupon

Get up to 25% Discount on the Agency Plan and Save $600 in a year.

Easy Steps To Get Discount.

How To Avail Swipe Pages Discount?

These are some common steps that you need to follow to get a Swipe Pages Discount:

Step.1 Go to the Swipe Pages Plan & Pricing

Visit the Swipe Pages official website and then, click on the ‘Pricing’ tab which is at the top of the Swipe Pages Homepage.

Step.2 Choose the plan

Swipe Pages has 3 premium plans:

  • Startup Plan– Ideal for individuals or small businesses looking to establish their online presence.
  • Marketer Plan– Designed for marketers and small to medium-sized businesses aiming to scale their marketing efforts.
  • Agency Plan– For marketing agencies and large enterprises.
Swipe Pages Pricing Plans

Choose the plan that aligns with your needs and budget to start with Swipe Pages.

Step.3 Select the Right Subscription Period

After selecting the plan that best suits your needs, it’s time to select the right subscription period.

Swipe Pages offer monthly and annual subscription options, each has its benefits:

  • Monthly Subscription
  • Annual Subscription
Swipe Pages offers up to 25%OFF on Annual billing.

Select the right Subscription Period and click ‘Try For Free’. Consider your budget and how long you anticipate needing Swipe Pages to decide on the best subscription period for you.

Step.4 Create your Account and Start a Free Trial

Swipe Pages provides a 14-day trial to all its new users on all plans. Once you’ve selected your plan and subscription period, your 14-day trial will be started, This allows you to explore the platform and its features before committing.

Swipe Pages Sign up trial Account

You’ll need to enter some details to sign up.

  • Full Name
  • Work E-mail
  • Password

Click on ‘Start My Free Trial’ to activate your free account.

Step.5 Verify your E-mail and Enjoy the trial

Swipe Pages will email you to verify your account. Once you’ve confirmed your email address, you can start enjoying the benefits of your free trial.

Swipe Pages allows users to upgrade accounts anytime they want.

If you decide to upgrade your account to a paid subscription before the trial ends, simply click on ‘Upgrade Now’.

Step.6 Upgrade,

Upon selecting the upgrade option, review your order and proceed to purchase by completing the payment.

Step.7 Enter Coupon and make a Purchase

There will be an option to apply a coupon.

So simply apply your coupon in the designated area, and then your price will automatically get discounted.

Now, Enter your billing details:

  • Card No.
  • Expire Date
  • CVV

Click on ‘Complete the Payment’ to finalize your purchase.

Congo! You have successfully been availing the Swipe Pages Plan at the Discounted price.


Swipe Pages Coupon Summary

Swipe Page Plan-Wise Pricing and Discount:

Pricing and savingStartupMarketerAgency
Monthly Price$39/mo$89/mo$199/mo
Annual Price$29/mo$69/mo$149/mo
Total Saving $120 $240  $600

A quick summary of the Swipe Pages promo code, and discount offers.

  • Swipe Pages has 3 premium plans.
  • The Marketer Plan is the most popular plan.
  • It offers a 66% Discount on all the plans.
  • Swipe Pages also provides a 14-day free trial for their users to try it out with no credit card required.
  • On billing Annually, you can save up to 25%.
  • it also allows users to save $600 on its plan.

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FAQs- Swipe Pages Promo Code & Discount

Here are some useful FAQs to get more ideas & information about the Swipe Pages Discount.

What is a Swipe Pages Coupon?

Right now, there is no active Swipe Pages Coupon code, but Swipe Pages offers you a 14-day free Trial without asking for any credit card details. It also allows you to save $390 and $189 in Basic and Professional plans by paying annually.

How to get a Discount on Swipe Pages?

To get a discount on Swipe Pages, you need to pay annually. Currently, Swipe Pages offers you to save $390 and $189 in Basic and Professional plans by paying annually.

Does Swipe Pages offer a Free Trial?

Swipe Pages offers you a 14-day free Trial on any of our plans, and they won’t even ask you for your credit card number.

How to save money on Swipe Pages?

There are two methods you can save money on Swipe Pages. They are-
1. Start your 14-day free Trial to use it for 14 days when you can test and try the features of Swipe Pages. If you don’t like it, you can cancel at any time before your trial ends.
2. Once your trial ends you should choose an annual subscription because there you can get a 66% discount which means you can save $33 a month which is a great amount. So going for an annual subscription plan will be a good decision.

What is Swipe Page’s lifetime deal?

Swipe Pages lifetime deal is a special discount that is provided by Swipe Pages, which provides a lifetime plan of Swipe Pages, all you have to pay once for, and you have used this software for a lifetime.

Swipe Pages Coupons and Promo Code: Get 70% Discount
Swipe Pages Coupons and Promo Code: Get 70% Discount