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KWFinder Trial 2024, Try KWFinder 10 Days FREE!!

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So, If you want to try KWfinder For Free.

In this article, we will help you to get a KWFinder Trial For 10 Days and more.

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KWFinder Free Trial10 Days
Trial CouponsLink Activated
KW finder Key FeatureCustomized Invoices, Manage projects
KWFinder Refund Policy48-hours Money-Back Guarantee

Activate your Free Account Now.

KWFinder Free Trial 

KWFinder offers a 10-Day Free Trial option for its new users, who want to experience this tool.

KWfinder has Four plans and the free trial is available for all the plans. That means you can experience your KWFinder(Mangools) plan for 10 days without paying any charges.

Start KWFinder Trial for FREE

Activate your FREE Trial without any Credit Card.
Start your 10-day FREE Trial on KWFinder and ALL Mangools Juicy SEO Tools.
KWfinder(Mangools) Free Account

KWFinder Features During Trial: 

The 10-day KWFinder Free Trial plan includes the following:

  • Keyword lookups: 5
  • SERP lookups: 5
  • Site lookups: 5
  • Backlink rows: 2,000
  • Related keywords: 25
  • Competitor keywords: 10
  • Tracked keywords: 10

The brand Mangools to whom KWFinder belongs also provides some other SEO tools. These tools are:

  • SERPChecker – SERP Analysis
  • SERPWatcher – Rank Tracking
  • LinkMiner – Backlink Analysis
  • SiteProfiler – SEO Metrics and Insights

These tools are all combined and offered in one complete package at some affordable pricing.

Step-by-Step Guide-

How To Activate KWFinder Free Account? 

Here are some simple steps that you have to follow to start the KWfinder Free Trial for your plans:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of mangools.
  • Step 2: From the top right side of the home page, click on the “Create Free Account” Button.
Create Mangools Free Account
  • Step 3: Enter All The Details Required to Start your free account.
  • Step 4: Then Click on Activate Mangools Trial offer.
  • Step 5: Now Your Free Account Has Been Created.
  • Step 6: Simply Login With That Account and Start to enjoy your free trial account or log in.

This is the process to activate Mangools Trial. With this trial, you will get access to KWfinder features.

About KW Finder

KWFinder has a keyword research module that will help you find new keywords for your site by looking at how people search for similar terms. This module is very helpful when you’re trying to come up with ideas for new blog posts or articles.

The KWFinder keyword research tool is used by big brands such as Airbnb, Alexa, Skyscanner, Adidas, Retailmenot, and Deloitte.

The tool has three rules for keyword research, similar to what an ideal keyword should be:

  • Popularity: high search volume
  • Rank-able: SEO difficulty is not high for blog/website
  • Relevant: the keyword is relevant to the content

The tool is very simple to get started with does not require extra installation, has no Google Ads accounts, and is ready for instant use.

Upgrade Option After Trial-

KWFinder Pricing Plans

KWfinder(Mangools) annual plans are up to 40% cheaper than monthly plans, and you can subscribe to the basic plan, which is ideal for beginners, for about $30 per month with a year-long subscription.

For the value it provides, the price is good. Considering, however, that the price includes access to the full Mangools suite, it will be a deal for those who can use Mangools as their one-stop search marketing tool.

Mangools Pricing Page

It gives you 100 keyword searches, 20 site lookups, and scraping of up to 2,000 backlinks per day, as well as up to 25 competitor keywords (the words that your competitors rank for) per search.

You can select an annual payment plan, and these are the following prices:

  • Entry- $14.50 per month
  • Basic – $24.50 per month
  • Premium – $34.50 per month
  • Agency – $64.50 per month

These are the prices after deducting the 40% discount.

Our Opinion-

Should You Try the KWFinder Trial?

Some people believe that Free trial is just a marketing tactic, but not in every case because sometimes it is worth it.

The following features are the reasons why should try KWFinder once:

  • Simple and Intuitive Interface with Useful Data
  • Keyword metrics accurate in KWFinder
  • Accurate keyword difficulty metric

At the end of this article, we just want to say that, we have mentioned all the details that will help you to get a KWFinder Trial.

Start Your Free Trial Now!!

Frequently Asked Questions-

Queries Related To KWFinder Free Trial

How to Start KWFinder Trial?

The user can follow these steps to start the Free Trial:
Step 1: Visit the site- https://kwfinder.com/
Step 2: Activate the KWFinder Trial offer.
Step 3: Create an account or log in.
Step 4:  “Start 10-day FREE trial” button.

Which KWFinder Plan you should choose for a Free Trial?

You can select a Free Trial of any plan, you simply have to go to official site and click on the free trial option, in which you will get almost all the features.

How to make use of the KWFinder Free Account?

The 10-day trial plan includes the following:
Keyword lookups: 5
SERP lookups: 5
Site lookups: 5
Backlink rows: 2,000
Related keywords: 25
Competitor keywords: 10
Tracked keywords: 10
Use all these features and boom, you make the best use.

Can we extend the Trial period of KWFinder?

No, after 10 days the Trial will end and then the user will have to shift to a subscription.

What will happen after the KWfinder Trial Ends?

After the KWFinder Free Trial ends, the software lets the user choose from its further plan to help them continue with their work with KWFinder.

Is KWFinder Accurate?

No tool is 100% accurate but KWfinder gives you an aggregate number of searches that happen on search engines every day.

How to cancel the KWFinder Free Trial?

Users can cancel the subscription during the Trial anytime in the Billing section of the Dashboard by cancelling the auto-renewal option. By cancelling the auto-renewal option, the subscription will remain active until the end of the current Trial and then expires automatically.
This Free Trial works for 10 continuous days even if the user cancels the auto-renewal option for a subscription.