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SpyFu Trial 2024, Start Your SpyFu 30 Days Trial

Want to try SpyFu For FREE?? With SpyFu Free Trial, you get access to premium features for 30 Days FREE!!

In this article, We will tell you, how you can try SpyFu 30 Days without paying a single bucks.

Post Summary:

Maximum Free Trial30 Days
SpyFu Free PlanYes, Available
Offer Price$33/month
SpyFu Key FeaturesCompetitor Analysis
SpyFu Refund Policy30-day money-back guarantee

SpyFu Free Trial 2024

SpyFu does not provide any free trial, but it provides a 30-day refund policy.

Until 30 days, you can try out all the features that the tool provides and also try the functionality of every tool they offer in their pack.

Try Spyfu Risk-Free Today

The features you get depend on the plan you choose to have while making the initial payment. However, all the plans include unlimited domain overview PDFs, data, and search results.

Step-by-step Guide-

How To Claim SpyFu 30-Day Trial For Free?

Here are some simple steps that you can follow and start your SpyFu Trial:

Step.1 Visit SpyFu:

To start your free trial. You have to visit the official website of Spyfu!!

Step.2 Choose your pricing plan

Once you visit the official website, go to the pricing section and select the plan you want to try.

  • BASIC Plan- Best for beginners, who need basic SEO features.
  • PROFESSIONAL Plan- Best for Agencies, who looking for some extra and advanced features.

Step.3 Create your account:

After selecting a plan, now you have to create an account.

SpyFu Free Account
SpyFu Free Sign Up Page

To create your account, you have to enter details like:

  • Enter Email
  • Set Password

Step. 4 Enter your billing details:

To start your account, you have to enter your billing details:

  • Card Number
  • CVV
  • Month/Year

and click on “Create Free Account”. And Enjoy Spyfu for 30 Days.

Step.5 Requesting a Refund:

If you decide that SpyFu isn’t right for you, contact their customer support to request a refund.

Go to the SpyFu website and navigate to the “Contact Us” page (usually found in the website footer).

You can also email their support team directly at support@spyfu.com, or use any other contact method provided.

About SpyFu

SpyFu is one of the best-known names in the SEO game due to its deep feature set, excellent reporting, and solid support for digital marketing and advertising.

Its interface is simple, and you get all the information about your competitors, you get the idea of making your site better, and you learn while using the interface.

You get to know what are the other keywords that are being used by your competitors. And what headings and titles you can list in your article to make it rank for the main keyword and the keywords related to it?

Upgrade Options After Free Trial-

SpyFu Pricing Plans

SpyFu offers three plans i.e. Basic, Professional, and Team for every kind of user.

Spyfu Pricing Plans

Here are the details of the SpyFu Pricing provides:

  1. Basic starting at $39/month: This plan is for those who are new to this domain of work and new to websites.
  2. Professional starting at $79/month: this plan is for those who have experience in this domain and have their hands in the website pool.
  3. The team starts at $299/month: This plan is for those who work in a team and are on the way to mark their journey and work on a big project.

Here We have tabulated the features of each of the SpyFu plans:

Basic Professional Team
250 sales leads & domain contacts.500 sales leads & domain contacts.2000 sales leads & domain contacts.
5k weekly tracked keyword rankings.15k weekly tracked keyword rankings40k weekly tracked keyword rankings
10k top lists results50k top lists results75k top lists results
Small Domain SEO Report- 10Small Domain SEO Report- 30Small Domain SEO Report- unlimited
API Access- Not AvailableAPI AccessAPI Access
Google Ads Advisor PPC Report-10Google Ads Advisor PPC Report-30Google Ads Advisor PPC Report-unlimited
1 user access1 user access5 users Access
Compare the features

SpyFu Trial Features:

SpyFu opens every detail of your competitor from its Google Ads to its Google Ads variations, every keyword, and every organic ranking that they get in the past.

Track your SEO keyword ranking with SpyFu SEO competitor research and also get a complete keyword history. See what keyword groups are more effective and use them as per your use.

PPC and SEO SERP analysis to find the ranking factor for each keyword. Quality Backlinks for specific keywords that help you rank better. With domain leads and top list get high CPC and most searched keywords.

Learn how to connect with your competitor and also find online and traditional lead methods- social media, email, phone, and address. Here we have also mentioned some of the features that you will get in every plan you choose.

  • Unlimited Backlinks Searches
  • Unlimited Domain Comparisons 
  • Track Ad Placement & SEO Rankings
  • Custom SEO & PPC Reports
  • Filter Sales Leads
  • Small Domain SEO Report
  • Google Ads Advisor PPC Report
  • Top Lists (Top PPC Spenders, etc.)

If you are a beginner, start with a basic plan and learn the fundamentals of website marketing to compete with your competitors. If you find the tool useful and effective, move on to the higher plan and try to now work in a team to achieve higher goals.

Our Opinion-

Should I Try SpyFu For FREE?

SpyFu is a search analytics company that offers a popular SEO tool. Using web scraping technology, it scrapes the internet for data that is used to identify the keywords that companies and websites purchase using Google Ads.

Since SpyFu has a refund policy, you are risk-free for 30 days to try all their features and functionality. You got to try all the features of the tool and experience the full interface of the tool.

We have shared how you can avail of these coupons and get exclusive deals on any plan you want to choose, with all the fresh features of SpyFu.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Queries Related To SpyFu Free Trial

How Long SpyFu Trial is?

You can enjoy SpyFu for 30 days for free, with the risk-free trial, with the help of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to create a free Spyfu account?

To create a free account on Spyfu, you have to go to their website and do sign up and create your free account.

How to cancel the SpyFu free trial?

To cancel your trial, you have to contact the SpyFu team through the mail (support@spyfu.com) and ask them for a refund.

Does Spyfu free version available?

Yes, Spyfu has a free trial, that you can enjoy for free, simply you have to create your account.

Does SpyFu Require a Credit Card?

Yes, to start your free trial, you have to enter your credit card details.